Winter Foragers

During the winter months, grass and forage is at a premium. Howell Farm’s grazing animals are let out every day to fatten up for winter wherever grass is available. Daisy, Howell Farm’s milking cow, has been placed in the Stony Field tethered to a stake and moved to different locations each day while her rambunctious foster calf Red roams nearby. The senior horses–Blaze, Barney, and Mac–have been let to free range on the north crop fields where the sheep have been given pasture as well. At night, the animals are bedded down with a thick layer of straw and Red the calf is brought into his cozy box stall. A farmer receives attention from Red the calf.Since Red is not restrained during the day, he often causes some difficulty for the farmers who try to lead him into the barn in the evening. He runs around playfully and stubbornly refuses to go into the barn. After a while, he trots into his stall, plops down in the straw and soon is fast asleep.

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