3600 Pounds Of Potatoes

Howell Farm visitors and volunteers in potato field.On Saturday, August 21 visitors, volunteers, and farmers harvested 3,600 lbs. of potatoes grown at Howell Farm. Over 2,100 pounds of these potatoes will be donated to Trenton hunger projects.

At Howell Farm, potatoes are unearthed with a potato plow pulled by horses then gathered up by hand (see photo below).

Other Crop Notes:

Farmers Rob Flory and Pete Watson drive the potato plow with horses Jack & Chester.The recent rain has improved conditions for what little crops are left on the farm. The sweet corn matured too early to be served at Howell Farm’s “Fiddle Contest” event on Saturday, August 28, so farmer Rob Flory and his son Martin Flory have been chopping the corn stalks and feeding it to Howell Farm’s cow Daisy since green grass has been lacking.

Howell Farm entered medium brown eggs, grade B maple syrup, and honey at the Middletown Grange Fair. Brown eggs received a 2nd place ribbon and Howell Farm’s prize winning maple syrup attained another blue ribbon. Honey was not awarded a ribbon.

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