Daisy & Blaze’s New Home

View from Daisy’s new box stall, built by Farmer & Carpenter Ian Ferry

Farmer and Carpenter Ian Ferry was placing the finishing touches on the first of two box stalls in the east end of the barn on Wednesday.  Both are near completion, needing only manger doors for feeding and wire screen at the end facing the threshing floor.  Ferry explained that, eventually, a door will separate the stalls from the west end of the barn.  This door will be closed to separate the animals from dusty operations like threshing wheat, and opened for ventilation.  Daisy will be moved in well in advance of threshing season, Ferry notes, as her stall is just about “cow-proof.”  In the second stall, senior workhorse Blaze will be moving in, shortly after Daisy.  With this move, the restoration of the final section of the barn will be underway.


Mow poles above box stalls are used to store loose straw.

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