Baby Take A Bow

Howell Farm’s newborns are growing larger every day! The  14 lambs born this year play among themselves in the pasture as the bossy firstborn ram herds the younger lambs. 

 The 4 piglets are now ten weeks old and in their second week at Howell Farm. They enjoy visitors a lot more now and are getting over their shyness.

The chicks have almost tripled in size since their hatch date March 22!

To see photos & a video of Howell Farm’s lambs, piglets, & peeps click here:         newfaces_video   or   photogallery


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1 Response to Baby Take A Bow

  1. Bill Wolfe says:

    Hi there! Stopped by yesterday – I hadn’t been by since my kids were young. Last time we were there, my son was thrilled to win a prize for guessing the weight of the pumpkin!I posted up some photo’s on my blog, here:

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